Objective by the Sea 2 preparations

So now the I registered for the Objective by the sea conference in June, there are a couple of preparations to take care off.

Nice little MPB 13" 2014

Nice little MPB 13″ 2014

Objective by the sea is a MacOS security conference by Patrick Wardle. I’ve been a supporter of his work via Patreon for quite some time, but I have never ran any of the tools he created. This is mostly a combination of lack of time, lack of need and paranoia. It is not easy to just trust the security tools from ‘some guy’ on the Internet. Well, by now he is not just ‘some guy’, but I never got around actually testing his security tools. So I should most definitely get an old Macbook and run his tools.

The other thing is I don’t want to rely on solely MacOS in a place full of people enjoying finding and fixing zero days in MacOS for profit and/or fun. So I figured that would be an excellent reason to take an older Macbook and make it dual boot MacOS/OpenBSD or if that fails : MacOS/Ubuntu.