It’s 2015 and I’m installing Snow Leopard

The old trusty MacBook white was getting slower and slower. I upgraded it to new OS X releases when they came available over the years. As my kids became the primary user, the complaints started to pile up. I tried moving to Windows 7 and to Ubuntu. But the machine just stayed slow and sluggish.

As a final attempt to fix the issues I wanted to downgrade the machine to Snow Leopard. But I got rid of alle DVD software media years ago.

When searching the Interwebs for a second hand OS X DVD, I actually found a link to the apple store offering new Snow Leopard DVD kits! So it was 2015 and I ordered a fresh DVD of Snow Leopard in the Apple Store for only 20 euro.

IMG_0463IMG_0462A couple of days later I did a fresh install of the old Macbook white and it has been running so smooth ever since. Downgrading  the machine for 20 euros was a pretty good choice it seems. Kids are pretty happy with it!