Getting to ready to move to new hosting platform

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 15.40.16A couple of years ago I set up my hosting services on a lean VPS at a Dutch VPS hosting provider. Last year when starting to run websites with more images and/or high quality images, performance became somewhat of a problem. Most of it was remedied with some tuning, but the shared storage on a VPS was going to be a problem in the longer run.

At the end of december I found a hosting company that would deliver a leased dedicated server with SSD based storage. Over the week I’ve been preparing the new platform and things are starting to look really nice.

At the base it is a Debian GNU/Linux powered server with KVM installed. On top of that I’m running a management node with Nagios and Puppet. And a node with ISPConfig and all of its dependancies as a managed webhosting platform. Currently I’m moving internal and personal websites to the new platform. As all the kinks are ironed out, I will start moving my customers over as well.

Progress 🙂